From Aarhus, Denmark our dedicated in-house team offers a wide range of chartering related matters such as time charter, voyage charter and COA’s within segments such as - bulk, heavy lift, oil & gas.  

We provide freight rates ranging from short sea to worldwide projects and varying from a single unit to full cargoes.   Our strength lies in the various business sectors where the Tschudi Group operates.

An essential factor is completely understanding the need of every fixture / business while complying with some of the most stringent rules and regulations.


Small and agile but still sought after by multinational companies.



For more information please contact ......

Thomas Vestergaard

CCO Tschudi Logistics

Office: + 45 88 44 82 01

Cell: + 45 21 73 37 73





Good support from a variety of first class clients combined with global support.


Sale & Purchase is also part of our portfolio as well as always seeking new opportunities.